RedBloodStain's First Rainbowcy

Daisy – Five

I had no contact from Rhodes over the next few days, and really, I couldn’t blame him. It was my fault, I was the reason Daffodil and him broke up. If only I hadn’t seen them, if only I hadn’t got involved.

The time was 6am. On an impulse decision I decided to ring Rhodes, I guessed he would be up and getting ready for work. I gulped as the phone began to ring, he answered on the fourth. “Hello?” I found Rhodes’ voice calming, I waited a moment before speaking. “Hey Rhodes, it’s Daisy.” Now it was Rhodes that was silent.

“Hey Daisy…” I didn’t want to rush him into talking about things, that he really didn’t want to talk about.

“I was just ringing to see how you were, we’re friends right?” He chuckled.

“Of course we are Daisy, and yeah. I’m alright, getting ready for work.” I hated small talk. I hated it ever so much. Yet it seemed to be the only thing I could do.

“Well I had better leave you to it then, I was wondering if you wanted to come over, perhaps once you’ve finished?” I asked him shyly, my heart thumping as I awaited the answer.

“Sure will do, see you then!” Well that was easy. We both hanged up after that, I sighed and felt inspired, once again, by Rhodes, and so I got to my computer and began writing away.

Before I knew it I had been typing all day long, barely stopping for food and drink. By the time it reached three I had finished my first novel. I kind of just sat and stared at the screen. I sent it to my publisher and soon got a reply; all was a go. I couldn’t believe it, I had just become an author, whether or not I was successful was not the point, just the single fact that my book was going to be published for all sims to read. I spun around in my chair for a while, thinking about the possibilites for my next novel when I got another email from my publisher.

Dear Miss Sunbud,

Now that your first novel has been published we are sure that you’ll be thinking about your second. Well, we have a suggestion; drama. We think it would be best if you put your concetration and skill into writing a drama novel. We feel that you would earn the most income through this until you become more experianced and professional. Please think about it.

Yours Sincerely,

Gary Simmin; Publisher at Apaloosa Books.

I re-read the email several times, then searched up ‘drama’ novels, and what they consisted of. They seemed simple enough so I decided to give it a shot.

Before I knew it I heard a car pull up outside of my house. Rhodes?

It was Rhodes all right… in all of his gorgeous glory. He waited outside of my house until I let him inside. “Hey Rhodes” I said to him as he entered my small, white abode, my face constantly looking at the floor.

“Hey you!” Hey you? You? My name is Daisy. He giggled and ruffled my hair. Er… I’m not six. “How has your day been?” He asked me, a massive grin on his face, well, someone was happy.

“Actually, as you’re asking… I got my first novel published!” I couldn’t hide my excitement, I had to share the good news with him. He looked genuinely happy for me, before saying;

“Congrats Daisy! That’s great!” He smiled sweetly, happily being praised by Rhodes, he suddenly took me into a big hug, clearly very happy for my success.

I’m so happy he couldn’t see my face…

“So, what you wanna do?” He asked, of course we had to do something, we weren’t just going to stand there and chat.

“We could… watch television?” I suggested. As it was the only thing that you could really do in my house (or was it? ;)) Rhodes just nodded and so we sauntered the two meters to where my little TV nook sits.  After the sudden hug it was slightly awkward, but I didn’t know why. Either way we both sat together on the love-seat. Every time our elbows touched I felt a jolt of electricity pass through me.

All of a sudden I could feel Rhode’s eyes on me. Why was he looking at me, I pretended not to notice and kept my eyes on the television. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was over Daffodil yet, I really wanted to see him more… Yet in one quick move he had his arm over my shoulder.

I decided to just go with the flow and not judge his actions, although it definitely confused me. My cheeks instantly flared up, I would keep asking myself ‘does he like me? Or is he teasing me?’ “This is weird… isn’t it?” Rhodes suddenly said. “I don’t think it’s weird…” I said quietly, wishing that this moment would never end. I knew that I loved Rhodes, but it was a one-sided love. I wasn’t good enough for someone like him.

“I’m really sorry.” Wait. What? Why was Rhodes apologizing?

“Why’re you apologizing?” I asked him, looking into his eyes as I did.

“Well to be honest, I really like you Daisy. Even when I was dating Daffodil, there was something about you that day… that day in the park. You were just so sweet and innocent, I couldn’t help but fall for you. Yet I felt so guilty, as I was with Daffodil. It seemed almost perfect that Daffodil cheated on me, not that I’m saying it was a good thing, I was still angry, but at the same time I felt so relieved that I wouldn’t have to break her heart… so that I could be with you.” I was shocked, I couldn’t say anything, did Rhodes just tell me that he likes me? I was in so much shock I couldn’t reply. “Sorry, I should leave. I never should have said that, or took advantage of you. Sorry Daisy.”  Rhodes removed his arm and stood up, suddenly a rush of initiative took over, or maybe it was my heart. Rhodes couldn’t leave. Not after he just said that, he was getting closer to the door but I had to stop him. Before I could stop myself I had my arms wrapped around him.

“Please don’t leave…” I whispered into his back, nearly in tears.



Daisy – Four

I slept rough over the next few days, not just because of the incident but other things too; the stress of writing a novel, the poor quality of my bed etc. Although I had been living in my house for a month or so, I still hadn’t gotten used to my horrible, lumpy bed. I would dream about the day when I could afford a new one.

After waking up on a normal Friday morning I decided to take a walk to the local library as I needed to do research for my book ‘A Colourless World’, although I was very shocked at what I saw there.

I couldn’t believe my eyes; Daffodil was cuddling up to a man on the love seat. Despite the fact that was was cheating on Rhodes, why did she choose a library? Does he steer clear of libraries normally, or is it coincidence? I tried not to make myself obvious, it clearly worked because the next thing I saw made me so angry.

I couldn’t believe this witch! She had the mind to cheat on Rhodes?! I could feel my blood boiling… “YOU BITCH!”  I literally screamed at her, it shocked the two slightly, but as soon as Daffodil realized what had happened, she smirked and then began to saunter over towards me. “Oh you caught me.” She said to my face, acting as if she felt terribly worried, although I knew she was patronizing me.

“How could you cheat on Rhodes?! What the Hell are you thinking you wench!” I shouted at her, my face turning red with anger. I couldn’t control my feelings my emotions, I kept thinking about Rhodes and how he would feel when he found out. Sunflower just seemed to glare at me as I said this. “Rhodes was getting boring… I needed some decent action, y’know?” She laughed after saying this. How dare she! This girl had no manners and had no respect for others. “You wait until I tell Rhodes about this you cheating whore!” I couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of my mouth, well at least they were true. She slapped me then.

“If you ever call me things like that you’ll get worse. You hear me?” She was intimidating me, I didn’t care. I wasn’t scared of her, I told her this. She just laughed in my face. “You’re not? Well honey, you damn well should be.” She squared up to me, so many thoughts were running through my mind. What on Earth had I got myself into. “Just kidding.” Daffodil said at the last moment. Now she was teasing me?! That was it.

“That’s it! I am done with you Daffodil.” I pointed my finger at her, my face showing my true anger. I had never felt so alive than at that moment. I was going to win this. “You need to learn to stop mistreating people and think about their feelings! You need to grow up and stop mooching off of daddy. You berry hear me?!” I almost screamed at her. Daffodil’s face was such a sight, it was almost funny.

She was speechless she just stammered for a moment but then said nothing, so I turned on her. I wanted to find the man that she was with, he needed to be taught a lesson as well. I found him behind the counter, looking at a book. “Oi, you! With the book.” I shouted, not knowing his name. He turned and saw me, he smirked. What? Why is he smirking? I thought to myself. “May I help you missy?

“No but I can help you! What on Earth were you doing kissing that woman?! You must’ve known that she was in a relationship!” I was definitely losing my cool now, I didn’t even know this man, yet I was telling him how to run his life. “Yeah I knew, but I though ah well, that’s hot. She picks me over him.” I couldn’t even take in those words, clearly he was just a player taking whatever he could get. “What about you… are you in a relationship?” He said slowly, his eyes looking me up and down. I felt disgusted.

Why was he trying to flirt with me?! I was so angry with him, I didn’t even like him! Plus Daffodil was right behind us, who might I add, was very upset over this matter. “Ugh don’t talk to me! I am definitely not interested in you, and I never will be!” I shouted at him, he seemed shocked that I had rejected him. Now that I had those two dealt with I needed to sort it out with Rhodes, so I rung him up and luckily he was on a break. “Rhodes, it’s me, Daisy!” I said rashly. “Daisy? What’s wrong why do you sound so panicked?” Panicked? I sounded panicked?

“Can you come to my house right now, I have something to tell you.” I said, not trying to tell him all in one go.

“Sure, I guess I can. I’ll be there in 10.” Great! Now I just had to get the other two back to mine as well.

“You two are coming with me.” I guess that was one way. I grabbed their arms and pulled them towards my car, they were both shouting and screaming, both grabbing attention from on lookers. I did not want to deal with this. I shoved them in the back and hopped into the driver’s seat as fast as I could. “Daffodil, you’re going to have to tell Rhodes about this. If you don’t I will.” I said to her, outright as I began driving back to my house.

“I won’t tell him!” Man she was stubbon. I pulled up outside my house 10 minutes later, Rhodes was there waiting.

“What the Hell is this about?” He asked outright, clearly confused as to why Daffodil and another man were coming out of my car. I began to explain.

It took a while, Daffodil and erm the other guy stood quietly behind me, not intterupting. It was interesting watching Rhode’s facial expressions change. At first he was concered, then upset, then heartbroken and finally he was angry. “Hey, you. Come here.” Rhodes said to the other guy. Rhodes’ fists were clenched, he was shaking slightly. As the man came to stand infront of him Rhodes swung at him. Both me and Daffodil jumped out of shock.

It was a good punch, the man fell straight to the floor and groaned slightly. Rhodes then wiped his wrist and turned to Daffodil. “Your turn.” He said to her. Woah woah woahhhh. I said to myself, Rhodes wasn’t going to punch Daffodil, was he.  He didn’t. “How could you do that to me Daffodil?” He asked her, pain in his eyes. She shrugged and didn’t give an answer. The nerve. Rhodes got angry and began to point his finger in her face.

I could tell that Daffodil was upset, but I’m sure she didn’t regret it. “I want you to explain to me Daffodil, why you did this, I though we were happy together!” He raised his voice at her, she jumped slightly, but then regained her cool. “I’m pregnant. It’s his.” She said coolly, not showing any emotion. Everyone was silent. Daffodil grabbed her inseminator and walked off. “Goodbye Rhodes.” She said as she walked off, she seemed brave. I respected that. Rhodes just stayed silent, waiting for the words to sink in. I didn’t say anything for a while, I knew it was best to leave him be. “..I’m sorry Rhodes, I just thought you had the right to know, it wasn’t fair.” I said quietly as I retreated back into my shell. “You did the right thing Daisy.” He turned to me and smiled, but I could tell he wasn’t all happy. “I’m going to head on home now… I need some time to think, thanks for everything Daisy.” He patted my shoulder and turned back towards his car. I stared at his back, telling myself to shout at him, to tell him not to go, but I said nothing. I just let him leave.

Daisy – Three

Rhodes never answered the phone, at first I thought nothing of it; he could’ve been busy, and so was unable to answer his phone. Well that’s what I told myself anyway. He probably thought I would never even ring him, a shy girl like me. Maybe he was just teasing me. So many scenarios ran through my head as to why he might not have answered his phone, I ended up thinking about it for half an hour or so until I got interrupted by a buzz… from my phone. I immediately looked and found I had a message. It read;

Hey Daisy,

Sorry I didn’t answer your call earlier, I was working.

Speak to you another time,


It was short and sweet, it also gave a simple explanation. I couldn’t help but smile to myself, I really wanted to get to know him. I felt inspired from that point and decided to learn more about writing, and so took a trip to the local business tower where they write newspaper articles and such. I found it so interesting, and even picked up a few writing skills here and there. Unfortunately my happiness ended from then on; I arrived home to see a young woman waiting outside, she had yellow skin and hair along with a stunning yellow dress, she was stunning and of course, another berry. I stepped out of the taxi and began to walk up to my house.

I felt so nervous, why was she here? Did she want to see me something? Either way I continued walking, but as soon as she saw me she headed straight down those steps. “Finally! Where the Hell have you been?” She said harshly to me, the tone of her voice sounded angry, I felt a panic alarm go off in my head. This girl was dangerous. She sauntered right up to me, looking me right in the eye. “Don’t think I don’t know what you did Daisy.” She spat my name. How did she even know my name? I desperately wanted to ask her, but I couldn’t bring myself to. “What? Why so quiet, ay? Cat got your tongue?”

“W-What do you w-want?” I asked, rather bravely. She laughed, as if she expected me to know.

“Do you know who I am?” She asked me, obviously shocked that I didn’t know, of course I didn’t know! I shook my head, to let her know. “My name is Daffodil Sparklebreeze, and my daddy is the mayor of this town!” Her voice was proud, she raised her head and began to look down on me. “And Rhodes is my boyfriend.” She said after a moment, my heart instantly sunk.

“I take it you know who he is?” She said to me, as if I were trash. Of course I knew who he was, I felt as if I was almost obsessed with him.

“So… why are you here?” I finally asked her. I needed to be brave, I did not want to be walked over again. I had rights.

“To warn you. If I ever see you flirting with my Rhodes ever again you’re gunna get hurt.” She literally shouted at me, she was threatening me.

“and if I don’t?” I straightened up. I wasn’t going to let her speak to me like that, I had the right to talk to Rhodes, whether he had a girlfriend or not. The next thing I knew, Daffodil pushed me.

I fell back slightly, but managed not to fall. I couldn’t believe this girl. Did she have no consideration for others? “How dare you push me! This is my house and my land. I demand you leave now!” I raised my voice. I was angry and I wasn’t going to hide. Not this time. I could see that she was shocked. “So you can show some emotion!” She exclaimed, this just made me grit my teeth, she was really beginning to irritate me.

“That’s right Little Miss Sunshine! I can, and it’s not pretty, I’ll tell you that. So I’m telling you now. Get off of my land, or I’ll call the police.” I spat each word at her, anger dripping off of every word. I didn’t care if she was Rhodes girlfriend, she didn’t deserve him. Rhodes is sweet, charming and such a gentleman. He was there for me when no one else was. I wasn’t going to let some bimbo tell me what to do. “All right, all right. I just wanted to warn you. Don’t mess with me, it’ll be like playing with fire.” With that she turned around and left. I just watched her, I didn’t move a muscle. It took me a few minutes to process what had just happened, I was threatened. Threatened because I talked to someone. Ridiculous. I slowly walked inside and sat down at my computer, I felt even more inspired after that, I wanted to write I wanted to release my emotions to the world. I immediately set to work, but before I knew it I felt a tear roll down my cheek. I wasn’t as strong as I thought.

Why couldn’t I just live a peaceful life just like every other Sim? Why couldn’t I get married to an average guy with an average job in an average house. I wanted a family too, I didn’t want to live alone… well, with a dog. I sighed and pulled my fingers through my hair, I’m sure everything will be fine. I told myself this over and over again, I almost believed it. I heard another buzz, like form before. I checked my phone to find that I had another text.

Hey Daisy, 

Wanna meet me at the park? I’m there now. Come over as quick as pos, it’ll be fun.


I couldn’t believe it. Rhodes was inviting me out to the park, to hang out with him! This mean that he had to like me. I wiped the tear from my cheek and gussied on up, I wanted to look amazing. At least better than his stupid beautiful berry girlfriend. I hoped into my new car and drove over to the deserted park. I opened the gate slowly and looked around, I couldn’t see anyone. I walked quietly through the trees until I had gotten to the children’s park I froze in my steps, as what I saw shocked me. It was Rhodes… with Daffodil.

Rhodes was kissing Daffodil, they looked so happy together… not only that they looked good together. The tears began to fall again. Why? Why did he ask me to come? Was it to ridicule me, and rub it in my face that he had a girlfriend? He was just teasing me all along. Daffodil pulled away from Rhodes and instantly spotted me, a smile slowly creeped across her face, but suddenly changed to one of shock. “Rhodes, dear! Your friend has arrived…” Was she acting like she didn’t know me? Rhodes turned around quick, his cheeks turning pinker than what they were. “Daisy! You made it, I thought you would’ve been longer…” He looked so awkward, as if he didn’t want me to see that.  “I-Is she your girlfriend..?” I asked quietly, trying to cover my tears, he looked at me as I did so, his eyes full of compassion. He nodded.

“Yeah, I wanted to introduce you actually.”

“Daisy, this is my girlfriend Daffodil, Daffodil this is my new friend Daisy.” I looked down at the floor, not acknowledging that witch.

“Nice to meet you! I’m sure we’ll be great friends!” She grinned at me, before wrapping her arms around Rhodes. I coughed slightly. “Me and Rhodes have been together for three years, and I love him sooooo much!” She seemed so fake. “Ahem… Daffodil, you’re embarrassing me.”

I knew I was about to cry, but I couldn’t not in front of those two, the perfect couple. “I uhm… I have to go.” I said ever so quietly before turning and leaving as quickly as I could. I heard Rhodes call after me, although I couldn’t quite hear what he said. I didn’t care, I just wanted to get away. I drove straight home, tears streaming down my face. Why? Why did he have to have a girlfriend? “Why couldn’t it be me?!” I almost screamed out whilst driving home. I had never had anyone like me before. My only friends were my parents. I had never been kissed, I didn’t even go to my prom. I just wanted to be with someone who liked me, and that person was Rhodes.

I pulled into my driveway and immediately ran inside, ignoring the whimpers of Lily, clearly she knew something was wrong. I slouched down onto the sofa and pulled my hands up to my face. What was I going to do?

The taxi pulled up outside my house and I once again found myself tumbling out with due speed. I ran into my house and leaned heavily against the kitchen counter, my face red with embarrassment and… excitement. “…Wow.” I quietly spoke to myself, I couldn’t get that incident out of my mind. I couldn’t get Rhodes out of my mind, what made him so mesmerizing? His charm maybe? Or perhaps the fact that he was so different anyone I had ever met in my entire life… he was nice to me. I turned and leaned back against the kitchen counter not a care in the world and I smiled, not an amazing Hollywood star smile… but a genuine one.

I felt so inspired but the warmth and kindness that Rhodes had showed me, I wanted to spread it with the world. That’s when the thought came to me; I should become a writer. I was still jobless and running out of money to pay the bills, I needed an income. It couldn’t be that hard, could it? All I needed was a computer, good grammar and some imagination. Even communication was a bare minimum; a must for me. I scurried out into the hallway, old boxes still piled up. I rummaged through until I found my ancient computer, I just about managed to set it up myself, usually my father did that for me. Straight away I got to writing. Not a particular plot, just drabbles. I needed the practice, if I was going to be a top author I needed to be close to perfect. I couldn’t help but dream; thousands of sims could be reading my books in the future, I could tell them my story, of my past and my childhood. I was sure someone would listen, if I just gave them the chance.

I wrote and wrote that evening, I couldn’t stop myself, not even for dinner. It’s as if my fingers had a mind of their own, I couldn’t quite believe it myself. I decided that the first book that I was to write would be an ordinary fiction book; nothing too fancy, I was just a beginner. Eventually I planned to become a children’s writer, as my love for children was strong I wanted to do something for them, I wanted to make them happy and write them wonderful books filled with imagination, adventure and the right morals.

I went to bed happy that night. I had finally found meaning in my life; I would not sit around moping anymore, I needed to make something of myself, and now I was actually getting somewhere. A tear gently fell onto my pillow, not out of sadness but from pure joy. Unfortunately that all ended; my dream was filled with sad, horrible memories from my childhood, of the schoolchildren who bullied me and pushed me down into the mud; dirtying my white clothes. They would drive me to tears whilst jeering at me, shouting things like “That’s right freak, cry! Run back to your mummy!” They would always laugh after that, laugh at my misfortune. I dreamed about the time I was walking home from school and I saw my dad standing outside the house, I immediately ran to him, but I wouldn’t cry. I would never cry in front of my father, instead I just clung to him and he held me softly. He knew. He knew what was happening, yet he did nothing. Even so, that was one of the closest moments I ever had with my father.

After tossing and turning all night I finally rested when it came to about 6AM. I just lied there staring at the beautiful white ceiling, my cover scrunched up to my chin. I needed help. I finally realized that I was going into a depression and I needed some help. Who could help me? I thought about going to see a doctor but Rhodes just stuck in my mind, I had never felt more alive and happy then when I was with Rhodes yesterday, so what if it was just the one time we met, or even the only time we met, I kept it alive in my memories. Thinking about Rhodes immediately lifted my spirits, I clambered out of bed and immediately had a shower.

I ran my fingers through my hair, slowly massaging my scalp. I was such a neat freak, I had to make sure everything was in it’s specific place and than it was clean, I guess it’s runs in the family, God knows what I would do if I stained my beautiful dress… I supposed I would have to take it to the local launderette… that meant communication. An idea suddenly sprung into mind; I needed a companion. I needed someone I could talk to and who would listen to me. I stepped out of the shower and dried up, then immediately went outside to fetch the paper.

I looked through the paper until I found it; “Animals up for Adoption.” Just what I needed! I scanned through all of the animals and thought carefully. I didn’t want a cat, no way. I know they clean themselves and such, but what good are they to talk to? A horse was out of the question as if I had the room to keep one. It was then that my eyes landed on the most adorable puppy. She was absolutely gorgeous and I needed her. I rung up the shelter and they told me they would clean her up and drop her round as quickly as possible. I hung up and stayed silent for a moments, it had all happened so quickly. Like an impulse decision. How could I afford a dog?

I sighed and left the paper on the table and laid back against the back of the sofa, before I knew it I was napping. For all I knew I was asleep for an hour or so before the doorbell rang. It really shocked me, and I got up to answer it straight away. It was a strange man with a funny looking hairdo. “Are you Daisy?” He asked me, I just nodded shyly. “Excellent! I bought Lily over, I’m from the shelter.” Again, I nodded. He stepped backward and held out his arm, I stepped forward after him and followed his gaze. There on the ground was my new, adorable puppy Lily, I couldn’t believe how perfect she was.

“Thanks…” I said to the man, he just nodded and got back in his car. After he drove off I went back to Lily, she seemed so cute, running around all excited, too bad she was too small to climb the steps. “Lily!” I called out to her, surprised at the strength of my voice. Her ears perked up immediately and she let out a little yap, I giggled. I rand down the steps and scooped her up, I finally had someone to talk to, someone who could be my friend. “Come on Lily, I’ll take you inside, don’t you worry!” I whispered into her ear, she just let out a little yap again.

I found an old, shallow bowl in the cupboard and filled it with some biscuits the man gave me as a complimentary gift. She seemed to enjoy them. After running around exploring all of the new smells and furniture she eventually settled down in her new bed. I smiled as I overlooked her, she felt like a child to me. I felt a sudden pang in my heart. That’s what I really yearned; children of my own.  I wanted loads and loads of children, I wanted to belong in a big happy family where I could be loved by everyone. Rhodes suddenly jumped into my mind again, on another impulse I pulled out my mobile and rung his number. He insisted on giving it to me yesterday, although I was sure I would never use it, nevertheless here I was ringing him.

I put the receiver to my ear, stood and waited. The phone began to ring and ring and ring. I continued to wait, yearning for him to answer, so I could hear that velvet voice of his. It went to voice mail, so I tried again, it rung and rung and rung…

Daisy – One

I stumbled out of the taxi as quickly throwing the money as I went. I had arrived at my new, white house. I didn’t even go inside I just… collapsed. Sort of. I sat on the cold stone that was my driveway. I didn’t know what to do. What am I supposed to be living for? I would ask myself over and over again. I had no family… I was all alone. I had no job… No money. I was lucky enough to get this place cheap. Turns out my parents didn’t have as much money as I thought. I sighed and continued to pity myself, bringing my knees up to my face, my arms wrapped around them.

I missed them. I missed my parents ever so much, I am only at the tender age of eighteen. I still couldn’t believe that they had left this earth. Although, I don’t particularly blame them. I would love to leave this place, this world filled with hatred. I want to be with my beloved parents. I want to feel loved.

I heard a slight noise in front of me, so I looked up, tears still streaming down my face, but no one was there.

I couldn’t help but think; mum? Of course no one was there. It was just a bit of paper that had been blown across the ground. It was then I realized how pathetic I was being. I needed to grow up, I was an adult, and I had no choice but to accept the responsibilities. I needed to forget my past and create a future; an unforgettable future. Despite my shy nature, I needed to make friends; I was determined. So… first stop; local swimming pool. I called another taxi up and slowly slid into the back seat. “…Local pool…please” I mumbled ever so quietly, telling myself to speak up.

“Sure thing, I’ll get you there in 5.” Said the driver, not caring about my lack of speech. I was beginning to like this town already. I sat back and relaxed whilst looking out of the not-so-clear window of the taxi. The town was set in the country, and was so beautiful, so pure. The air was also so fresh, I knew I could live here forever. After about 10 minutes I arrived at the local pool. The sun was shining so brightly as I stepped out of the taxi. I could see many people lounging around on the deck chairs and in the pool, lucky for me I forgot to pack my swimming costume. So instead I headed over to the swing set.

I sat, alone. I didn’t really mind though, the atmosphere was so calming. Although my eyes still felt sore from crying I felt much more relaxed, the slight swaying of the swing was also comforting. Despite how much I thought about it, I did really mind. I did want someone to be with me, who I could talk to and share secrets with. I wanted a friend. As I thought back to my childhood, I was always alone. As everyone bullied me, no one wanted to be friends with me. They all thought I was a freak. Just because I have white hair and eyes. Screw them. Screw them all! Is what I told myself. I needed a confidence boost and fast. As I was lost in thought I heard chains rattle beside me. I turned to see who had sat beside me.

I almost gasped. It was another berry. I couldn’t stop looking at him, comparing him. I couldn’t believe it, and I thought I was weird. This guy had pink skin along with purple hair. Was that normal here? Why wasn’t anyone shouting things at him? I immediately wanted to get to know him. What was he like? Was he lonely like me? Or did he have friends? There were so many questions running through my mind. Despite his berriness… I found him beautiful. So beautiful to look at, his pink skin was divine and complimented his hair so much. I desperately wanted him to turn around; was his face as beautiful as his skin? I began to secretly will him to turn around. It obviously worked.

So now we were both staring at each other. My face couldn’t help but turn pink; I am so shy. “Hey there.” He said to me after staring for about a minute. I told myself to say something, but nothing was coming out, I couldn’t bring myself to speak. “Quite the talker aren’t ya?” He chuckled. He seemed nice, but I didn’t appreciate the sarcasm.

“Sorry…” I said quietly, immediately looking at the ground. He swung slightly on his swing before resting to a standstill.

“That’s alright. Let me just ask… Are you a berry? It’s hard to tell with your colourings…” He asked me softly. I couldn’t believe how nicely he was speaking to me, was he about to ridicule me? I nodded anyway, to let him know that I was indeed a berry. I braced myself for the torture. “Awesome!” He exclaimed. “So am I!” A smile brushed across his beautiful lips.

I stared at him for a moment, taking in his rare beauty. “Y-You are?” This was the only response I managed to sum up. He just chucked and stood up out of his swing.

“Of course I am silly, or are you colour-blind?” He asked matter-of-factly. It did make me chuckle though, he was a really nice guy. “So you can smile!” He suddenly took my hand and pulled me up out of the swing, I gasped. He really surprised me. “Sorry, did I surprise you?” He clearly noticed the tight grip I had on his arm. I let go immediately.  “So… what’s your name snow queen?” That wasn’t a first; it was a pretty obvious nickname. I have white hair and eyes along with pale skin, not forgetting my quiet, frigidness. “…Daisy.” I mustered up the courage to speak my name.

“What a beautiful name! It suits you perfect; so pure and innocent.” I definitely blushed then. “My name is Rhododendron Sweetmist, but you can call me Rhodes.” He grinned out of proudness, he clearly liked his name. I knew what his name meant; it was a flower, which name means beware. That scared me. He pulled me closer. “Hey, Daisy, let me tell you something!” He began to whisper in my ear. He began to tell me about a man across the pool from us who had the biggest nose, he started to joke around a bit and before I knew it we were both laughing and making the most ridiculous faces, which was so out of character for me.

I was really happy that I sat on that swing on that particular day, otherwise I mightn’t never met Rhodes. It was from that day that a beautiful friendship started. My first friendship.



Daisy. Daisy Sunbud. That is my name, and to be honest… I couldn’t be happier with it. The name Daisy means so much in relation to me; innocent, pure and not forgetting the colour white. Just like a Daisy my hair is a shining white colour; I always got bullied because of this. The people from my hometown didn’t understand what the beauty of a berry was; the just ridiculed and laughed. My parents never left there though… they stayed there until the day they died. In a town full of hatred. As soon as I could I left that horrible place and removed the memories from my brain as best as I could. I am going to start a new life; a new legacy in Appaloosa Plains, where berries are openly accepted.

I bought a small bungalow in the town and of course, everything was white. White is my most favorite colour, don’t ask me why. I was bullied because of it for many years, yet there was something about it that drew me towards it; the cleanliness, pureness perhaps. Or perhaps because it reminded me of my mother, whose skin was much paler than mine, she was beauty; like an angel. I only dreamed of being like her; unforgotten. Just like her name; Myosotis. Strange, I know. You wouldn’t understand if you weren’t a flower expert, you see, there’s a thing with my family; we’re obsessed with flowers, well at least obsessed with naming our children after them. My mother; Myosotis, or more commonly Forget-Me-Not, and my father Statice decided to name me a more common name, which is how I got called Daisy. I plan on continuing this tradition in memory of beautiful parents, won’t you join me?

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