RedBloodStain's First Rainbowcy

Daisy – Five

I had no contact from Rhodes over the next few days, and really, I couldn’t blame him. It was my fault, I was the reason Daffodil and him broke up. If only I hadn’t seen them, if only I hadn’t got involved.

The time was 6am. On an impulse decision I decided to ring Rhodes, I guessed he would be up and getting ready for work. I gulped as the phone began to ring, he answered on the fourth. “Hello?” I found Rhodes’ voice calming, I waited a moment before speaking. “Hey Rhodes, it’s Daisy.” Now it was Rhodes that was silent.

“Hey Daisy…” I didn’t want to rush him into talking about things, that he really didn’t want to talk about.

“I was just ringing to see how you were, we’re friends right?” He chuckled.

“Of course we are Daisy, and yeah. I’m alright, getting ready for work.” I hated small talk. I hated it ever so much. Yet it seemed to be the only thing I could do.

“Well I had better leave you to it then, I was wondering if you wanted to come over, perhaps once you’ve finished?” I asked him shyly, my heart thumping as I awaited the answer.

“Sure will do, see you then!” Well that was easy. We both hanged up after that, I sighed and felt inspired, once again, by Rhodes, and so I got to my computer and began writing away.

Before I knew it I had been typing all day long, barely stopping for food and drink. By the time it reached three I had finished my first novel. I kind of just sat and stared at the screen. I sent it to my publisher and soon got a reply; all was a go. I couldn’t believe it, I had just become an author, whether or not I was successful was not the point, just the single fact that my book was going to be published for all sims to read. I spun around in my chair for a while, thinking about the possibilites for my next novel when I got another email from my publisher.

Dear Miss Sunbud,

Now that your first novel has been published we are sure that you’ll be thinking about your second. Well, we have a suggestion; drama. We think it would be best if you put your concetration and skill into writing a drama novel. We feel that you would earn the most income through this until you become more experianced and professional. Please think about it.

Yours Sincerely,

Gary Simmin; Publisher at Apaloosa Books.

I re-read the email several times, then searched up ‘drama’ novels, and what they consisted of. They seemed simple enough so I decided to give it a shot.

Before I knew it I heard a car pull up outside of my house. Rhodes?

It was Rhodes all right… in all of his gorgeous glory. He waited outside of my house until I let him inside. “Hey Rhodes” I said to him as he entered my small, white abode, my face constantly looking at the floor.

“Hey you!” Hey you? You? My name is Daisy. He giggled and ruffled my hair. Er… I’m not six. “How has your day been?” He asked me, a massive grin on his face, well, someone was happy.

“Actually, as you’re asking… I got my first novel published!” I couldn’t hide my excitement, I had to share the good news with him. He looked genuinely happy for me, before saying;

“Congrats Daisy! That’s great!” He smiled sweetly, happily being praised by Rhodes, he suddenly took me into a big hug, clearly very happy for my success.

I’m so happy he couldn’t see my face…

“So, what you wanna do?” He asked, of course we had to do something, we weren’t just going to stand there and chat.

“We could… watch television?” I suggested. As it was the only thing that you could really do in my house (or was it? ;)) Rhodes just nodded and so we sauntered the two meters to where my little TV nook sits.  After the sudden hug it was slightly awkward, but I didn’t know why. Either way we both sat together on the love-seat. Every time our elbows touched I felt a jolt of electricity pass through me.

All of a sudden I could feel Rhode’s eyes on me. Why was he looking at me, I pretended not to notice and kept my eyes on the television. I couldn’t help but wonder if he was over Daffodil yet, I really wanted to see him more… Yet in one quick move he had his arm over my shoulder.

I decided to just go with the flow and not judge his actions, although it definitely confused me. My cheeks instantly flared up, I would keep asking myself ‘does he like me? Or is he teasing me?’ “This is weird… isn’t it?” Rhodes suddenly said. “I don’t think it’s weird…” I said quietly, wishing that this moment would never end. I knew that I loved Rhodes, but it was a one-sided love. I wasn’t good enough for someone like him.

“I’m really sorry.” Wait. What? Why was Rhodes apologizing?

“Why’re you apologizing?” I asked him, looking into his eyes as I did.

“Well to be honest, I really like you Daisy. Even when I was dating Daffodil, there was something about you that day… that day in the park. You were just so sweet and innocent, I couldn’t help but fall for you. Yet I felt so guilty, as I was with Daffodil. It seemed almost perfect that Daffodil cheated on me, not that I’m saying it was a good thing, I was still angry, but at the same time I felt so relieved that I wouldn’t have to break her heart… so that I could be with you.” I was shocked, I couldn’t say anything, did Rhodes just tell me that he likes me? I was in so much shock I couldn’t reply. “Sorry, I should leave. I never should have said that, or took advantage of you. Sorry Daisy.”  Rhodes removed his arm and stood up, suddenly a rush of initiative took over, or maybe it was my heart. Rhodes couldn’t leave. Not after he just said that, he was getting closer to the door but I had to stop him. Before I could stop myself I had my arms wrapped around him.

“Please don’t leave…” I whispered into his back, nearly in tears.



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  1. jewittalex said:

    Love this rainbowcy. are you still writing it?

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